A Great Leander Leader Presents Solutions

A Great Leander Leader Presents Solutions

Great leadership is important in any town or city. However, it is even more important for Leander, the fastest growing city in the United States. Leaders understand the need to work together to formulate solutions for a variety of issues related to fast growth. By being able to meet with those who understand the issues and then work to present solutions to the Council, a strong leader is able to obtain the results necessary to keep Leander moving forward in the best way possible.

Leander Leadership on the Frontline

When it comes to leadership in Leander, Troy Hill has been on the frontline during his six years on the City Council and more recently as Mayor. He has had hundreds of meetings about infrastructure, new businesses, and many other issues. Mayor Troy Hill meets with existing business owners and is in constant communication with residents from throughout the city to ensure that their voices are heard and that the growth plan is feasible for Leander.

Taking the Time to Meet to Discuss and Plan for Leander’s Water Needs

Leander Water with Troy Hill for Mayor Leander Leader

Mayor Troy Hill has been part of over 100 meetings concerning the Leander water system. His opponent has not been at any of the meetings that he has attended during this time. Further, Troy Hill has presented a number of solutions to help with water delivery to Leander. His opponent has presented no solutions to the City Council. Being a leader of a city of nearly 80,000 residents requires that one present solutions to be considered for the city. Sitting back and allowing others to do the work or try to provide answers is not the leadership that Leander needs or deserves.

Leander Residential Growth Needs a Responsible, Smart Approach

Leander citizens are correct to be concerned about the number of new apartments that are still being built in the city. Unfortunately many of these projects are the result of past councils. We can not use past council mistakes as an excuse. Instead we have to work together to ensure that we grow in a responsible, smart way when it comes to our residential and commercial development.

Mayor Troy Hill understands the necessity to plan in an intelligent manner that understands the negative impact that sprawling growth can have on a community. During a meeting last year about an ill-planned development District 2243, the mayor’s opponent suggested that she “like[d] it the way it is.” What she liked was a development that would have 4,000 apartments. Further, the developer wanted to be allowed for a limitless ceiling for more apartments in the future. This is simply not the growth that is appropriate, or smart, for our city.

Working as a Team Doesn’t Mean Always Agreeing on Strategies or Results

It is important to work as a team. The Mayor should work with the City Council in an open way with input from citizens and businesses. Working together does not mean always agreeing. In fact, it should not mean that all seven members always agree. The misconception comes when there are 7-0 votes, or even 6-1 votes. A lot of the time a unanimous vote is the result of working together and communicating throughout a process to a decision that is absolutely solid with great planning and insight as we work towards the ultimate success.

Even when a team works together they don’t always agree at the end, and this is okay! Having an organization that has disagreements is acceptable when each member of the Council or in the Mayor’s seat has thought it through and made the best decision they see for the citizens of Leander. We all have unique opinions and ways we believe that problems can be solved. 

What is important is that the experience we have allows for discussion that takes the ultimate plans to a higher level. As important is having a mayor who is willing to work with all individuals on his or her council. They must lead and show dignity and integrity for the office in which they serve the citizens of Leander.

When you vote April 19-27 or on Election Day May 1, it is important to consider:

  • A Mayor should be taking active part in meetings to ensure our water supply is ensured for the distant future of Leander.
  • A Mayor should present solutions not only on water, but on development on many other areas of our wonderful city.
  • A Mayor and City Council should work together respectfully and in a way that respects diverse ideas. Respect comes full circle, literally. Every member of the Leander City Council and the Mayor should look to each other with respect.

Consider a Team that Will Lead Leander Forward, Together

Please consider supporting a team that understands what it takes to ensure a tremendous future for the city of Leander. This team understands the water needs our city has. This team gets suburban development and will work to ensure that every solution presented is respected, relationships are built, and services presented to the community are the best they can be for every citizen of Leander.

The team that will put all of this together is as follows:

Leander Mayor – Troy Hill troyhillmayor.com

Leander City Council Place 2 – Annette Sponseller annette4leander.com

Leander City Council Place 4 – Donnie Mahan facebook.com/DonnieForLeander

Leander City Council Place 6 – Marci Cannon marcicannon.com

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