Addressing Leander's Water Needs

The Brushy Creek plant is our newest and largest water plant that serves the city of Leander, as well as Cedar Park and Round Rock. We have access to two plants: Sandy Creek which we bought from LCRA around 2005, producing 10-12 million gallons per day; and Brushy Creek off 1431 in an industrial park with production of approximately 14 million gallons per day.

An intake that’s close to the lake pumps water out of the lake and into our treatment plants. Once there, we have a system in place for distributing clean drinking water all over our wonderful city!

When you’re in a city where the water supply struggles to keep up with growth, it’s important to have backup plans. The City of Leander was faced with this problem and we had an issue: two plants couldn’t both service the whole city at once because they weren’t set up that way initially. Luckily for us, our engineers came through with a solution – piping installed on the San Gabriel Roadway would allow water service if the other plant went down due to unforeseen circumstances. Our city is looking into upgrading our Sandy Creek facility to give us more capacity for the future.

As I’ve mentioned several times, we do not have a water shortage today. What we have is delivery issues which are being addressed and going forward will be in much better position to deliver what you need without interruption.

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