Living in Leander Texas Is As Great As You Think

Living in Leander Texas Is as Great as You Think

Living in Leander Texas is better than ever. The property tax rate continues to decrease and people from all over our great country continue to move here. They choose Leander because of the potential for it to be one of the best cities in the United States.

This potential will be realized if we work to re-elect our Mayor and ensure the election of the three best candidates for City Council. Together we must work hard to ensure that living in Leander Texas remains an optimal idea for those around us.

Why Living in Leander Texas is Better Than Other Cities

The reason for living in Leander Texas is because we have strong leadership. These people on our City Council and in our Mayor seat have worked hard to ensure that everything works well to our capabilities. By understanding what it takes to ensure a strong economy even in the toughest times, our local government has done a tremendous job with regulatory streamlining, tax rate decreases, and more. This is just the beginning of what is possible when we work to make Leander the best place to live in Texas.

Is Leander a Good Place to Start a Business?

We work every day to make starting a business in Leander easier. Over 100 businesses have opened in Leander over the past two years. In fact we have had over ten sit down restaurants open with more to come. Our citizens demanded more options close to home. With the right zoning and streamlined regulations, we are able to bring the right types of development to our community. We want to keep the “Open for Business” sign up for Leander so that more and different types of businesses keep knocking on our doors to become part of our great city.

What Else is Coming to Leander?

We have the Northline and the new Leander Springs coming soon to Leander. Leander Springs will provide a lagoon and multiple other options for those in our community to become engaged with everything that Leander has to offer.

The Northline will have the Hub (click here to see the current Hub project in Florida. It’s amazing!) and a number of other facilities. These will include restaurants, shopping, and healthcare facilities.

Is Living in Leander Texas Safe?

Leander is one of the safest cities in Texas. It is a great place to live and has some of the best schools in the state of Texas. Leander has been rated as the best place to raise a family in Texas. By default, this rating makes it one of the very best places in the United States. We should all be proud to call Leander home. We will continue to always work to ensure safety by taking care of our police, fire, and other departments that work hard to protect us all.

How Do I Help Leander Stay Great and Become Even Better?

The most important thing you can do is make sure that you vote. Early voting starts on April 19th and ends on April 27th. Election day is May 1st. You can learn more about the election process here. Even more important is that you choose the right candidates. We are very fortunate to have three outstanding candidates for City Council in addition to Troy Hill for Mayor. Please take a look at their websites and consider giving them your support.

City Council Place 2 – Annette Sponseller https://annette4leander.com/

City Council Place 4 – Donnie Mahan https://www.facebook.com/DonnieforLeander/

City Council Place 6 – Marci Cannon https://marcicannon.com

Together we will continue to grow in a smart way. Smarter development, smarter government, smarter solutions will lead Leander Texas forward, together. Thank you for your support.

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