Promises Kept for Leander

Troy is running for re-election as Mayor of Leander to continue his commitment of keeping his promises to the citizens of the fastest growing large city in America. With this growth there is an important necessity for strong leadership focused on the city’s evolution into a unique place unlike anything else. Read on to learn about the promises kept for our beautiful, growing city of Leander.

Pride in Leander's Accomplishments

The achievements in Leander over the past three plus years have been a wonderful start. After adding three more forward thinking councilmembers in 2019, the city took off like a rocket ship. 

Leander has been made more business friendly with some of the best projects in our country being vetted, approved, and moved towards implementation. With seven new retail centers coming we will see cool restaurants, entertainment venues, and other vital businesses.

See some of our great successes:

  • Major medical office buildings being built and opened.

  • A record year of sales tax revenue. We outpaced other cities by large margins in many cases.

  • The opening of the beautiful Lakewood Park, setting high standards for quality of life in our community.

  • A continuation of residential property tax cuts, now six years in a row for the city of Leander while numerous other cities have increased their taxes.

  • No new debt in 2020. Our council has worked hard to find new ways to save money while addressing growth. 

Facing Challenges in a Responsible Way

With great success will always come even more challenges. We have worked hard through the pandemic, winter storms, and water source issues to react in a way that will best benefit our city now and in the future.

“I said in 2018 that I would find new sources of water, and I’ve been in countless meetings over the past three years and believe we have good options. Water is the main topic for most cities in our area. Let me be clear, we have no shortage of water.” – Troy Hill.

Troy Hill Leander Mayor

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